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Our Ministries


Cape Fear Baptist Church is also a missions oriented facility. We support and encourage missionary work. The WMU is accredited for most of the work accomplishments where missions are concerned. Predominantly, the focal point of mission work has been geographically located within the Phillippines. 

Bible Study


Bible study sessions, at Cape Fear Baptist Church, meet weekly on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00pm. It is within this environment that the scriptures can be examined, explained, and discussed in a smaller group setting. This segment of study is generally conducted by our church pastor. Bible study at Cape Fear Baptist Church can be considered bi-directional, encompassing responses from the church body as well as leaders.

Deacon Board


Our Deacon Board consists of four active church members, which are voted on, and approved by members of the church body. At Cape Fear Baptist, deacons perform a variety of tasks to include visitations, church business, and administering of the Lord's Supper. 

Sunday School


It is the responsibility of the Sunday School Superintendent to set the order of operations where the morning services are concerned. Sunday School starts at 9:45am, and lasts for a period of one hour. This service offers insight and discussion parallel to biblical scripture. Classes range according to age, and encompass pre-school through adult settings.



Cape Fear Baptist has great potential where youths are concerned. Currently, teens are involved in drama team activities and perform periodically in the Sunday services. The church also host annual activities focused toward the youth. Other church functions include the RA's and GA's. The Family Life Center is a focal point of various church activities, to include a full court basketball setting. Cape Fear Baptist Church is especially interested in recruiting and maintaining a youthful environment.



Church choir music at Cape Fear Baptist is part of the regular Sunday service. The choir will lead the song selections as well as providing special music, prior to the pastor's message. The Brotherhood, an all men's group, also perform regularly. A greatly welcomed addition, in church music, is demonstrated through expression of Drama.

Community Service


Much of the work involving community service at Cape Fear Baptist, is demonstrated through the efforts of the Brotherhood. Brotherhood involvement consists of special outreach duties ranging from supporting special needs persons, to hosting periodical worship and annual singing events. Because Cape Fear Baptist is a missions supported church, involvement is also concentrated on outreach to distant communities. Concentration of this type of service is based on the efforts of various churches within the conference and is primarily aimed at mission work within the Phillippines.

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