9:45am Sunday School
11:00am Worship Service 




7:00pm Bible Study

Annual Events


Homecoming 2nd Sunday in September

Worship Service, Lunch, and Singing Service

Revival 3rd Sunday in April, and October (Sunday@ 6:00pm)

Monday through Wednesday (7:00pm nightly)


Children's Church Fundraiser


Beginning in October Every Sunday the children of Cape Fear Baptist Church will take up a collection for playground equipment. 


Cape Fear Baptist Church hosts a variety of events throughout the calendar year. Listed below are some of the events for 2020. For more detail please see the CALENDAR. 

Winter Bible Study : January 

Join our church for a 3 day in-depth study on specific books of the Bible. 

Vacation Bible School : June 

The concentration of Vacation Bible School is to instruct and teach the various age groups within a themed environment, which is lead by qualified church personnel. Classes of instruction and crafts are organized according to individual age and level of skill.

Church Graduation Sunday: June  

Honor and recognition is granted to our graduating seniors within the Class of 2020. 

Revival Service 3rd Sunday : 
April & October

Join us for a full week of revival service. Speakers for this event will be announced in the near future. Look forward to being enlightened and revived according to God's Holy Word and Grace.